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Teacher Thank You Card

Teacher Thank You Card

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Follow the photo tutorial (image 2) or you can download the picture to see it in more detail.

On the card is a pompom apple. You can make this any colour you like but I have stuck to the classic green and red. Once you make the pompom you attach it to the card by making two holes and tying the pompom to the inside of the card. I have used a real twig for the apple stork and slotted it inside the pompom. Next, I cut out a green leaf shape and got my little boy to write a thank you message onto it. I then stuck this to the card - You may need to make a little stand at the back to keep the card up as the pompom may be too heavy but it's easy to do as you will see from my step-by-step photo guide below.

You will need -

A5 or A4 Card, wool, a pompom maker (or make your own here using two pieces of card) a twig, green paper, a hole punch, or just a pencil to make the holes.



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