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Limited Edition Samaritans Charity Decoration

Limited Edition Samaritans Charity Decoration

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Word on the cape?

Part of a collaboration with brush lettering artist Jen Roffe. This limited edition white Ninjabread Man Superhero Decoration has been made especially to raise money for the Samaritans

I wanted to design a decoration that would not only raise money for the charity but also act as that crucial reminder to a friend or loved one that someone is there. 

Everyone goes through hard times but undoubtedly some people have it worse than others, or may be more deeply affected by something. It is VERY important to talk and I would always encourage this, but sometimes people just need a little reminder that someone is thinking about them and will be there if they ever want to talk.

Jen and I wanted the decoration to help inspire and give people hope with some empowering words and what better way to show this than with a superhero!

The limited edition Ninjabread Man Superhero is entirely handmade. Made from felt and hand stitched and decorated. Even the tiny tassels on the front are hand crafted.

One idea is that you could buy the decoration as a gift for someone that you know is having a hard time, and so we decided to include some strong, supportive and encouraging words that would help people. The words that we’ve decided to use are: ‘Love’ 'Kindness’ and ‘Strength’ and these are printed onto the back of the Ninjabread Man's cape.

And the collaborative working doesn’t stop there either! As one of the main things we want to address is being supportive and having someone to talk to, we’ve decided to organise a BIG make. We will get our family and friends together and make the decorations as a team. This get together will also hopefully create a lovely social environment for those who may need it.

The decorations are limited edition, with only 60 being made - 20 of each design. They are £20 each with £15 of that money going directly to the Samaritans. The £5 left will be going towards postage and packaging and material costs and absolutely no profit will be made by any of us.

FREE delivery to the UK. Delivery time 5-7 days

Overseas delivery fees vary. Items usually take 1-3 weeks

Approx H14 x W10 cm each

To hear more about our project and the reasons behind it please read Miss Shelly Designs' latest blog here

If you need someone to talk to please call the Samaritans on 116-123. There is always someone to talk to.


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