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Miss Shelly Designs

Mummy and Me Embroidered Photo Hoop

Mummy and Me Embroidered Photo Hoop

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Capture and cherish special moments with my Mummy and Me Embroidered Photo Hoop! Perfect for Mother's Day, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Send your favourite family photo to Miss Shelly Designs and she'll add colorful details, tiny hats, and personalised embroidery, making it a unique and playful gift.

When you place your order please send Miss Shelly a photo that is suitable to fit in the round hoop, square cropped photos work best. Please email your image to and let me know if you have any colour or hat preferences.



    • You have a choice of sizes - 3" or 7"
    • Ribbon will be attached to the top of the hoop to hand, this can be removed if you would prefer to hang the hoop by its gold clasp.
    • Handmade and decorated by Miss Shelly Designs.
    • Personalised - making it a wonderful gift for children, friends, and family.
    • Please avoid hanging in direct sunlight as the picture can fade.
    • There is a wooden back to the hoops.

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