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Miss Shelly Designs

Bespoke Pet Portraits

Bespoke Pet Portraits

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These beautiful bespoke pet portraits are hand-crafted by Miss Shelly Designs from layers of felt and hand embroidery.

To create your pet portrait, simply send Miss Shelly a photo of your pet and she will sketch your pet and then use the drawing as a pattern to cut the layers of felt from, these will be used to form your artwork. The material pieces will then be hand-stitched together to form the portrait.

You have a choice of colours for the background of your art - green, blue, pink, yellow, black or white.

Once complete, the artwork is finished off in a white square frame. You will also receive the original sketch Miss Shelly drew of your pet.


Place your order by adding the listing to your basket. Choose your background colour from the options bar. Once your order is complete please email me a forward-facing photo of your pet to

Dimensions :

The frame measures 22.5 x 22.5.

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