Father's day cards and gifts for every dad

Unusual Father’s Day Gifts and Card ideas for every Dad

Are you looking for an unusual Father’s day card and gift? I don’t know about you but I am fed up with seeing Father’s day gift suggestions online of just socks and work tools! Not all dads are the same and I have been on a mission to find a more unusual and personal gift and card for Father’s Day this year.

Let’s start with Father’s day card ideas.

If I am stuck on card ideas, I always opt for a funny Father’s Day card. For many people, it is very difficult to find the words they want to say on a Father’s Day card. There are lots of different father figures out there, after all, Dad, Pops, Grandad, Step Dad’s, Uncles, friends who are like fathers…the list goes on. So by getting a simple, funny Father’s day card you have the option to write something personal inside.

With my Father’s Day card range I can personalise them to suit you. I can add Dad, Step Dad, Mum’s boyfriend - you name it! I think this is important as many types of Father figures are out there - even Mums who are two parents in one! 


Koala Father's Day Card - Koala has pom pom ears and a bowtie. The card says - Dad you are Koalaity. There is a caption next to it saying you can change the name.


What to write in a Father’s Day card?

Of course, you can just add a name to a Father’s Day card - Dad, Step Dad, Mum’s Boyfriend, Father in Law but sometimes you want to write a bit more. Here are some great suggestions for what to write inside a Father’s Day card for different father figures.

Father’s Day cards for Step Dad’s and Mum’s Boyfriend  

“Best Bonus Dad Ever!”

“You make our family better”

“Happy Father’s Day from the kid you inherited when you got with my Mum”

“Of all of Mum’s boyfriends, you’re up there”

Father’s Day cards for Mums

“Thanks for being two parents in one”

Father’s Day cards from pets

“Happy Father’s Day from your fur-baby”

“Dad you’re PAWSOME”

“From your favourite child”

Or say it simply this Father’s Day with a personalised photo card. A picture can say a thousand words after all. 

A picture of someone holding a card. The card has a photo on the front of a man and his baby. The card has embroidery on the front and the man is wearing a gold crown. It says Happy Father's Day underneath the photo
Picture of a man holding a father's day card and smiling. He is sat at a table and also have a gift bag next to him.


These personalised Father’s Day cards are hand embroidered. I made one for my Dad last Father’s Day and the photo said all I needed it to say.

 Unusual Father’s Day gifts and what to buy for the Dad who has everything? 

Not all Dads are the same; some Dads don’t like DIY, sports, alcohol or socks! I suggest something unusual and personal for a Father’s day gift, something your Father wouldn’t even think of. A piece of art or a personalised print is a great present idea for Father’s Day. I make these very cute personalised pet portraits, which are great gifts for those dads obsessed with their fur-babies.

Portrait of dog. The dog is black and white and has embroidered detail on him. It's in a white frame and sits on a table.


 A father’s day gift where you can spend time together?

Or how about a Father’s day gift that you could do together? A day out with your Dad? Somewhere you could make a special memory? or do you already have a photo of a special memory with your Dad? I can enhance the photo with one of my embroidered photos for Father's Day.



A really lovely Father's day idea for those with older parents is buying your father a photo album, add a few photos and then leave a note saying you would like to fill the rest of the album up together. Fill it with special memories that you and your Father share. You can arrange meet-ups throughout the year with your Dad to complete the album.

Father’s Day gifts and craft ideas from children

And if you are on a budget this Father’s Day, make something! Father’s Day crafts and creations from younger children are always greatly received. There are a ton of ideas for this over on Pinterest and I have set up a board HERE to help your children get crafty this Father’s Day. Buy him a model kit or even some lego. These are great Father’s day gift ideas from children as they will benefit too. 

I hope all these unusual and creative Father’s Day cards and gift ideas have helped you on your quest to buy for the man who has everything and wants nothing! Don't forget I have a range of personalised cards and gifts for Father's Day. I have made a collection for you here.


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I really like these ideas. I am wanting to get a brand new carpet cleaning for the house and for my husband’s office. I feel like he’d love that for Father’s Day. Thanks for the inspiration!

Hazel Avery

Some very original ideas there. Love that card you did for Barry xx

Anne Frostick

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