Unique ideas to celebrate the summer holidays and a summer anniversary

Unique ideas to celebrate the summer holidays and a summer anniversary

Tuesday 21st June is officially the first day of summer and all of us parents have the daunting prospect of entertaining our children during the 6 weeks of school summer holidays. And it is also wedding season! That means there are lots of summer anniversaries to celebrate too! 


A picture of the sun smiling with colourful, embroidered sun rays to advertise how to plan for the 6 weeks summer holidays
Make some unique and special memories with the kids this summer

If you want to make some unique and special memories with the kids this summer (when you are not working and trying to juggle everything!). Then I have some top summer holiday tips for you to make this the best summer EVER!


Plan your Summer holiday with the Children


First up, get organised this summer with my FREE Summer Holiday Planner. Plan your summer holiday with the children by marking down clubs and other activities you have arranged over the school summer holidays. As a Mum, planning the holidays with a visual planner has always helped. 


Picture of someone holding a Summer Holiday planner. the planner is filled in with holiday dates and Summer  activities



The 6 week summer holiday planner is available HERE Week 7 -12 of the summer holiday planner can be found HERE


Create a Summer Holiday Activity List


Create a Summer holiday activity list - I have found a summer activity bucket list for those with younger children and those parents with teenagers who need  entertaining over the summer holidays. Click on the photos below to take you to the relevant summer activity page for more unique summer holiday ideas. 


Summer holiday bucket list activities for younger childrenTeenager Summer activities


Here are my favourite top 10 ideas for entertaining the kids during the summer holidays


  1. Walking/hiking
  2. Baking
  3. Make Slime
  4. Collect Rocks and colour them in
  5. Camp - either inside or outside
  6. Have a movie marathon - a great activity for a rainy day.
  7. Visit the library 
  8. Have a picnic
  9. Learn a new skill
  10. Take Photos!


Take lots of photos this summer ☀️ 


Taking photos is a must during the summer holidays! There are so many memories created during the holidays. Don’t forget to send me your favourite summer holiday snap after the holidays and I will create one of my embroidered portraits!


Picture of someone holiday a photo of a family on the beach. The photo has been stitched on and party hats with pom poms have been added.



Celebrate a unique summer anniversary


The summer holidays are not just about the kids - they are about couples too! The summer is always full of weddings and there are plenty of summer anniversaries to celebrate too!


Here is my anniversary checklist for a unique and special anniversary


1. Card - Don’t forget I make an anniversary card for each year of your anniversary based on the traditional gifts given each year - you can find the anniversary card range HERE.



A selection of anniversary cards for each year of an anniversary based on the traditional gifts for that year. The cards are white and come with a red envelope.
2. Or if you would like a unique and special anniversary card for your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend then I make these beautiful personalised anniversary cards.
Personalised anniversary card of a photo of a wedding. The card has been handmade
3. Celebrate - it doesn’t always have to be a unique or crazy idea for your anniversary. Just make sure you plan some time together to toast and acknowledge your years together.
4. Take a photo of yourself and your spouse. Looking back at those images of you both over the years is so precious.


 Most importantly, this summer - don’t forget to make some precious memories and take plenty of photos! And if you, too, have 6-week to plan and entertain children - make sure you have lots of gin on order!

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