The importance of taking a break....

The importance of taking a break....

I love my little business. It gives me the chance to be creative, earn a bit of money, use my brain and work around my children. I often get lost in my own head whilst working and I have loads of ideas or orders to make in the hours my children are at school. I'm always moaning that I don’t have enough time to do what I want, the school day is too short and I have to work in the evenings to catch up. 
I try to meet up with friends for a coffee or take the occasional day off but I always feel guilty and rush back to work. Either that or I constantly postpone. Recently though I’ve realised the importance of getting out of my studio and socialising a bit. Although I’m always busy, working on your own all day can be pretty lonely. 
I’ve been so lucky since starting my business to meet so many creative people and Mums just like me. They totally understand the pressure of wanting to have your own business whilst juggling the children's needs. Add to that the amazing bunch of Mummies I have met since my son started school who quite frankly I couldn’t cope without. They remind me daily of things going on at school or are there if I need them to pick up the kids. So I’ve been really silly not to make the most of this fabulous bunch and take a break. Often my friends inspire me so they turn into creative business meetings too! 
So if you’re like me and working from home alone with a massive list of jobs to be done before you collect the kids from school, please put meeting up with your friends for a cuppa first on the list! Even if it’s for half an hour it’s good to get out of the house and talk to someone other than a 5 and 7 year old who only want to talk about Pokemon, football or tell me constantly that they want a snack.....mind you I do have a few friend who are all about the food too! 
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Well said Michelle. A very well written piece xx


It’s so true, trying to keep up with everything can be so stressful!
I love our catch ups, as we sit there discussing ideas, busily sewing and wrapping pompoms. Jane x


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