Personalised Christmas tree ornaments

Start a Christmas tradition with your family and friends

What are your Christmas traditions? Ours are unique and personalised Christmas decorations and ornaments that hold precious memories for our family.

Child decorating a Christmas tree with a personalised monkey ornamentFamily traditions decorating a Christmas tree

Celebrating a baby's first Christmas

Our family Christmas decoration tradition started when I wanted to mark my child's first Christmas with a festive ornament. I wanted a Christmas decoration that I could keep forever to help remind me of his precious childhood years and his first Christmas. I wanted to create a Christmas keepsake to treasure forever.

I wanted my baby's first Christmas ornament to be personalised with his name, first Christmas and the year of his first Christmas. I created a cute gingerbread man ornament for my baby's first Christmas which has become the most precious decoration on my Christmas tree.

Baby's first Christmas Gingerbread ornament - personalised with name and yearBaby's first Christmas ornament. Baby girl with personalised gingerbread man decoration

Christmas traditions to start with Children

After my baby's first Christmas I started a Christmas tradition for my Children. I make and design a unique Christmas decoration each year based on their current loves and interests.

Over the years, my children's custom Christmas decorations have included a sloth decoration, a panda Christmas decoration, a penguin Christmas ornament and a dinosaur Christmas decoration.

Dinosaur Christmas tree ornament

Personalised dinosaur Christmas tree ornamentChild obsessed with dinosaurs

The dinosaur decoration was created during my son’s dinosaur-mad phase. I searched high and low for the perfect, personalised dinosaur Christmas decoration and in the end, I just had to make one!

The dinosaur Christmas ornament still remains one of my best-selling Christmas decorations. Lots of you choose to add a name and Baby’s 1st Christmas 2022 onto the personalised, handmade tag I add to the Christmas decorations. I love the thought of so many of you unpacking your personalised dinosaur Christmas decoration each year and hanging them on your tree.

My son is growing up and he isn't obsessed with dinosaurs anymore. His interests are becoming less cute (how do you make a video game cute?!) but I still have all the precious Christmas decorations I have made him over the years. Like the koala Christmas decoration, I made him for his 2nd Christmas.

Koala Christmas tree decoration

Christmas ornament keepsakes

Every year I smile as I unpack the Christmas decorations we have collected. They bring back so many lovely memories of years gone by. The Christmas ornaments will remain precious keepsakes for years to come.

Make the Christmas season magical for your friends and family

That’s why I encourage you all to start a similar Christmas tradition with your friends and family. No matter how much your children grow up or the distance they are from you, you will always have the Christmas decorations and the memories they hold. Every Christmas will act as a little reminder of those you love as you unpack your Christmas decorations each year.

Photo Christmas bauble with photo of family

Christmas ornaments are wonderful gift ideas for friends and family. Whether it’s celebrating a new home, a baby’s first Christmas or a Christmas engagement, your Christmas decorations will always be there and are little reminders each year - that's the magic of Christmas.

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