Plastic not Fantastic…

Plastic not Fantastic…

I don’t know about you, but since watching that episode of Blue Planet II last year when David Attenborough shockingly revealed that EIGHT MILLION TONS of plastic ends up ‘swimming’ in our oceans each year along with the fishes, mammals and wildlife, I’ve been trying to do my bit to cut down on using it.

Blue planet plastic not fantastic

At home that has meant cutting out cling film, no longer buying bottled water and digging out every Tupperware container I can lay my hands on – but small businesses are playing their part as well and here at Miss Shelly Designs we’re no different.

The inspiration for my business comes from my family, so the thought that throwaway decisions we all make could be damaging families in the natural world is utterly heart breaking. But small steps can hopefully combine to make a big difference.

That’s why I’m such a big fan of the Naked Card Campaign. It was founded by six small business owners, like myself, who were fired up to create a movement encouraging online sellers and creatives to stop selling cards in cellophane bags and I’m very proud to say I’m now a part of the #nakedcards crusade.

Naked Cards

I’ve always tried to, where possible, use materials that can be recycled when packaging my Miss Shelly Design products, but now going forward the only plastic or cellophane you’ll find in my items is either recycled packaging I’ve re-used or cards that were pre-wrapped before this pledge. Plus all my lovingly handmade Christmas decorations will now come presented in biodegradable or paper bags.

Miss Shelly Design Packaging

If we all do our own little bit hopefully the oceans and seas can become clearer of plastic and the natural environment can be preserved better for future generations. It’s amazing what can be achieved when like-minded people and small business owners alike join together for good!



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This is brilliant Michelle. You just go from strength to strength x

Anne Frostick

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