January Blues or New Beginnings?

January Blues or New Beginnings?

So how is January going so far for everyone? New Years resolutions going well? I think most people start off January with high hopes for a fresh start but in reality the buzz of Christmas is over and I think in general people start to feel a bit flat.

However, my birthday is in January so I always try and defend it! I’m always so refreshed after a manic Christmas and I’m buzzing with new ideas and excited to get back to work. So far though this January has sucked. It’s been full of bad news, bills, highly emotional kids and to top it all I put my whites in with a yellow duster the other day so everything turned yellow and I’ve had to fork out for new school shirts! I also had some sort of mental block last week where I forgot to spell my own son's name. I was trying to teach him how to spell his full name Benjamin and not just Ben and I just couldn't remember how! My husband looked at me in horror with a look in his eyes that was urging me to tell him it was a joke.....we can laugh about it now and thankfully I’ve remembered how to spell it! I seriously think Christmas fried my brain! ha ha.

So I also nearly caved in and wanted to declare this month a non starter. But somehow I have resisted the urge to crawl back into bed until February as that little January baby started to come back and I decided to defend my birth month! When my mum complained about how dreadful the weather has been because it’s been too dark I stuck up for January by marvelling at how it hasn’t rained! Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate rain. Even during that heatwave last summer I think I was the only one who didn’t want the rain to cool the air! 

I’m now looking at the positives in January. I have signed myself up for a painting course which I’m loving so far, I’ve also started exercising even though it hurt so much to start I couldn’t walk up and down the stairs for two days. I’ve also spent some quality time with my children at the weekend and even made a pirate ship for my sons DT homework. Most importantly though ideas have started to come back and I’m getting back into work mode. With that said I’m excited to show you a few sneaky peeks at what’s coming in 2019. 

Here's a picture of the Jolly Josh, the pirate ship I made with my biggest boy.

My next focus is Valentine's Day. All my old favourites like my dinosaur ‘You’re ROARsome’ card and my keyring cards will make a reappearance. This year I’m planning on making a bear card with a bear keyring with the words - ‘I couldn’t BEAR to be without you’. My keyring cards are great for Valentine’s day as they are a gift and card in one! This card is yet to be designed so I’ll let you know when it’s up on my site. 

The only other Valentine’s Day card I have designed for this year is a koala card which has been hand finished with adorable fluffy pompom ears (yes, I do love a pom pom!)

Koala Valentine's day card with pompom ears 

As for Christmas (yes, I have to start thinking about this Christmas straight after last Christmas) I will be focusing more on toppers this year and plan on adding more to my range. 

Koala tree topper

So guys, watch this space! And please; check your washing before you but a white wash on!


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Arrrg, what a start to the year! What are you doing washing a duster for heavens sake?
I love the new card idea and look forward to seeing and working on your new topper designs.
Great blog xxxx

Anne Frostick

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