Let's Make it a Bright & Happy Halloween

Let's Make it a Bright & Happy Halloween

There is no doubt that Halloween is getting bigger in the UK each year. I know in the States it’s always been a big deal, they embrace Halloween and adorn their houses with decorations and wear the most amazing costumes. Years ago when I was a child Halloween wasn’t really a thing. You certainly didn’t go trick or treating like the kids do now. My Mum always made it fun though, we’d get a pumpkin to decorate and my brothers and I would dress up.


Halloween back in the 80's
Nowadays Halloween is a ‘thing’ in the UK and my children look forward to it each year like they do Christmas. We buy or make a new costume, visit our local pumpkin farm and get together with friends to go trick or treating and have a Halloween party. This year however I think things will be very different. With the risk of the Corona virus I personally don’t think we will be allowed or if it does, it will certainly have restrictions. Also, would you risk it? You’d have to disinfect the sweets before you gave them to a child!
For us, I think we will give it a miss this year and I’ll just have a little party with my children at home. I’ll buy them sweets and make it as fun as possible for them - I think private Halloween parties are the way forward and with that in mind I have put together the ultimate Halloween gift and party guide so you can still have your own celebration and not let Corona beat you.



Halloween Lollipop Gift Set

For the first time ever, I have created my own Halloween product. The idea is that you can send it direct to a friend or loved one. I know I will be missing seeing some of my friend's children dressed up this year and I’m already sad that I won’t see my nephews' cute little faces. So, I plan on sending them a little personalised gift instead with my new Halloween lolly gift sets. And because I want to put a smile on everyone's faces, I have gone BRIGHT! I am making this Halloween a colourful one. My gift sets are decorated with colourful pom poms and have a little personalised rainbow tag - the symbol of positivity and hope throughout this pandemic. The lollies are covered in a little gift bag which comes as either a ghost, monster or pumpkin. 

Some other gift ideas to send direct are…..


The Slabb


1. The slabb's white chocolate Fang slab- £5.50 


Halloween Ghost Chocolates

2. Cocoapod’s personalised chocolate ghosts - £9.95


 Halloween Chocolates

3. Cocoadelicious fancy halloween chocolates. https://www.cocoadelicious.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR3ZYC1KRmMThqYxWwG6UkG6UGRLx-kRBPC3MWKuEWdC7JyPLdHmma2ePcs

 Halloween Baking Kit

4. Zac & Lilly's Halloween Spooky Skeleton baking Kit -



 And what about the decorations?!


Frankly Decor Halloween Spider Decoration


1. The amazing Frankly Decor is making her first halloween decorations this year, in true frankly style they are super cute and fun.

 Pumpkin Garland 

2. Rosie and the boys Halloween Garland - 


Halloween Ghost window sticker

3. Halloween Ghost Stickers by Nutmeg Wall Art -


Halloween Decorations

4. Halloween Decorations by Vintage Playing Cards- 


Personalised Halloween Banner

5. Personalised Halloween Banner - Little Doodle House



Make Halloween FUN 

I absolutely adore this Halloween hunt from Summer Lane studios - it's a great activity to do at home with the little ones.

Halloween Treasure Hunt

Summer Lane Studios £10.00


 And of course the OUTFIT!


 Halloween Costume

1. Atelier Spatz AMAZING halloween costumes. https://www.atelierspatz.com/shop


 Bat Pin

2. Lovely Bat Pin by Chameleon.


Pom Pom Halloween Tutu

3. Gorgeous tutu by Little Poms


 Miss Shelly Designs Pinterest


4.  PINTEREST - The supermarkets are going to be packed with multiple costumes like every year but if you would like to get creative I have put together a brilliant and inspiring board on Pinterest of homemade costumes which would be great fun to make with children over half term or the impending lockdown maybe? See my board here….



I hope this guide helps you to make Halloween 2020 a good one - lets make it a bright and colourful halloween to remember! 


Shell xx

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Love the nostalgia in this and also the reminder that Halloween can be so much fun for kids. Great links and ideas to help make it brilliant too! Thanks

Louise Rogers

Love it all!! It’s given me lots of ideas for helping the kids get over the disappointment of not getting the bags of sweets they’ve got used to!
Not a bad thing at all, time to reset and put things into prospective perhaps 😊🎃


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