Back to school, back to work......

Back to school, back to work......

I’m writing this while sitting enjoying the first properly hot cuppa I’ve had in six weeks!

Oh and did I mention that there’s no background noise at all? Yes the school summer holidays are over, and while it’s a relief in one way, in all honesty part of me also feels quite sad about it.

My ‘baby’ Ben has started school which is a massive milestone - he still seems so little to me. And after all my worrying I actually really enjoyed the summer and feel like it completely whizzed by.

Apart from the (constant) fighting (the kids, not me!) it was really nice to have lazy mornings with them and meet up with old friends. We had some really fun days out and enjoyed some quality time together.

Don’t get me wrong, I was definitely ready for them to return to school and get back to reality, especially as the handmade fair is next week. Not only do I still have lots of prep work to do but I was also starting to run out of money from all our summer excursions!

I always like this time of year though as autumn approaches, and Christmas is on the horizon. Unbelievably there are only 16 weeks until Christmas Day!

The festive season is a busy time for most people, but when your business is 90% Christmas products it’s even busier! I actually try and stockpile food like I did when I had my babies. I make sure there are a few meals in the freezer for those days when I just can’t afford the time to leave my workroom and there’s usually at least one breakdown.

I remember a couple of years back where I actually forced myself to put some freezer chips and chicken nuggets on for our tea (I’m not kidding, this was a luxury compared to beans on toast every night!) and I dropped it onto the floor. There I was sobbing over beige freezer food and my husband Kev didn’t know what to do with me!

Every year I tell myself that this year will be different, I’ll be more organised than the last but I bet you I get caught off guard again.

My reward is always the Christmas holidays with my boys though. And now I know they can be fun and not something to dread I’m really looking forward to them. So for the first time ever I say: ‘Roll on Christmas!’

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Brave comments Michelle. I will remind you of those come November 😂


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