Add colour to your home the fun way!

Like many of you, I am a busy person. I'm a Mum and I run a small business so there isn't much spare time to decorate my home. But my home is where I spend most of my time so I want it to be a fun, happy and (most importantly) colourful place!

I thought I'd share a few corners of my home with you and show you how I have added colour in a simple and creative way with prints and textures. The best bit is, you don't have to redecorate!

Here are my top tips to add colour to your home.

Create a Gallery Wall


Bold prints, textures and images in all different sizes add instant fun and colour to a plain white wall.

In this photo...

Origami Clock - Origami Est

Lemon print is my Monkia Petersen

Magnifique print - Gayle Mansfield

Heart Print - Whoa Mama

Wooden bird print - Mia Nilsson

Flowers - The Happy Blossoms 

 Add a Picture Shelf


Bold prints, family photos, hoops, and a quirky pot or ornament add a bit of fun to a room. You can also rearrange without having to damage your walls by adding picture hooks!

In this photo...

Lets Stay Home Print - Jen Roffe

Photo Hoop - Miss Shelly Designs

True Love Print - Whoa Mama

Bear Print - Mia Nilsson

Pot - Anthropology

Colourful Doors

Keeping the main walls plain and fresh, you can add a colour pop just by painting the doors. Add hooks and hang some of your favourite objects to create character to your room.

In this photo...

Rainbow - Miss Shelly Designs

Keep Going Pennant Flag - Miss Shelly Designs

Pink Tree - Bokuno 

Wooden Horse - Cotton Clara

Mini Rainbow Flag - Jane Kent

Photo Hoop - Miss Shelly Designs

 Need More Ideas?

Instagram is a great place to find interior inspiration. I follow lots of colourful accounts here, I also thought I'd share a couple of Instagram accounts I LOVE. They have the most colourful homes and are full of inspiration -@LittleBigBell and @Retrojo5



Add Colour Miss Shelly Style!


My pet portraits and hoops are a great way to add colour and heaps of character to your homes.

The pet portraits come with a choice of colourful backgrounds so it's an easy way to add an instant colour pop. My hoops are also perfect for adding a bit of fun and texture. They can be rested on a shelf or use the colourful ribbon I attach and hang them to your wall.

What do you think? Is the colour trend for you?

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I’m currently toying with the idea of a really dark colour all over the bedroom, ahhh, love these colourful ideas. Thanks for the inspo. : )

Gilly Seagrave

Your ideas are great, I love the idea of putting colourful collections on a shelf. I’m too scared to commit to colourful walls and doors!!

Jen Roffe

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