A whole lot of HAPPY

A whole lot of HAPPY

Hey! Happy March! “Happy” is my word of the month. Not only because it is a fun, bright, positive word but because of the sheer amount of birthdays I have among friends and family this month - I’m going to be singing Happy Birthday a lot!

Hand embroidered happy print for a child's bedroom

My youngest boy will be turning 6 this month. A tradition I set myself when my boys were born was to make them a homemade birthday cake and card each year. It’s a crazy tradition as I am so busy, and to be honest I don’t think my kids would care if it was shop bought as long as they have a cake, but I like doing it. Here are a few examples of my cakes :-)

Penguin Birthday CakeDinosaur Dragon birthday cakeNinja Turtle Birthday Cake

I know I’m a crazy fool for adding to my work load but I’m a creative person so I make the time. I think I also do it as I remember my mum always making me a birthday cake and I look back with fond memories and want to do the same for my boys. My mum is quite crafty like me (that’s where I get it from) and she too always adds to her work load by making something herself.


Miss Shelly Design's Mum making

Here's my Mum getting here craft on.

It’s Mothering Sunday on the 22nd March and going with the handmade vibe; I’ve put together a little photo guide on how to make a bunch of Pom Pom flowers. I made mine with my son and I think they’d make a great gift for Mother’s Day from the little ones. When they’re so small it’s lovely to get a handmade gift from them. I cherish many of mine.

How to make pom pom flowers for Mother's day

Of course handmade isn’t for everyone. Not everyone sees something and goes; “I’m going to make that and spends hours making something they could have picked up for 50p around the shop!” So let me do the creative bit for you! I have some lovely personalised gifts which would be perfect for Mum, Nanny, Auntie or any special lady in your life. My handmade family portraits would make a truly wonderful gift and keepsake.

Hand embroidered family portrait art for Mother's Day

Or how about a funny card? My koala card for Mum will be sure to put a smile in her face. Or do you prefer the personal touch? Then add a message to my unicorn cards (a gift and card in one!)

Koala Mother's day car


Must go, I’m off to have a go at making my own tea bags 😂


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Only just seen this so I’m sorry for not replying earlier.
I’m looking forward to seeing Ben’s cake this year, they are always impressive but double check his age before you do it 😉
How are the teabags coming along?


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