Gingerbread Bride & Groom Christmas Decorations

Gingerbread Bride & Groom Christmas Decorations

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These Bride and Groom Gingerbread Christmas Decorations would look great on any tree.

They're a great Christmas present for any couple married in 2017 or anyone planning a Christmas wedding.

The decorations are handmade and have lots of cute details like the brides pearl necklace and veil.

The gingerbread decorations come with little handmade tags which say '1st Christmas as Mr & Mrs 2017'. You can even choose to have their surname  printed onto the hearts. For example if the surname is Smith the heart would read '1st Christmas as Mr & Mrs Smith'. If you would like this option then please let me know during the checkout process.

Alternatively you can choose to have two grooms or two brides. The grooms hearts will say '1st Christmas as Mr & Mr 2017' and the Brides with say '1st Christmas as Mrs & Mrs 2017'

The decorations measure approximately H14 x W10 cm each.


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