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Embroidered Family Hoop Art
Embroidered Family Hoop Art
Embroidered Family Hoop Art
Personalised Family Embroidered Portrait
Embroidered family artwork in embroidery hoop
Personalised artwork in an embroidery hoop
Close up of embroidered hoop with Grandchildren
Embroidered hoop art being gifted to Nanny
Style Guide for Family Hoop Art

Embroidered Family Hoop Art

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Now you can have a whole family in a hoop! You can have Mum, Dad and up to two children made into mini felt art. 

Once you place your order please send me a photo of the four family members you would like added to the hoop and I will create a simplistic version of them (Please see photos for examples). I also ask you to look at the style guide to choose what colours you would like.

At the moment I can only fit two adults and two children or one adult and three children or you can have have up to five children. This makes a lovely gift for a grandparent or for Mum and Dad if they have lots of children!

The artwork is personalised by adding the family name to the cloud in the picture. Or you can have something like "Nanny's Grandchildren" if it's for a grandparent. I can add anything you like so please just ask.

You can also add an initial to the children's t-shirts to make it even more special.

After you place your order please email me at with your photos and all your personalisation requirements. I will need to have the following details to produce your artwork - 

- Photos

- Colourings - Please look at the style guide and choose hair colour for each person, skin tone, t-shirt colour and if they need to have glasses. 

- Personalisation - What would you like written in the cloud? Would you like the t-shirts personalised with an initial?


The embroidered family art comes in an oval embroidery hoop and measures approximately 12.5 x 8.5 inches.

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